Great Blue Slots has been very generous this week at Windows Casino (Playtech software), paying out tens of thousands to two slots players. The first winner is T.M. from Canada who scooped C$41,899 on the online slot machine and the second winner is P.P. from Greece who came out from his gaming session with €96,380 added to his balance.

T.M. is from Montreal and has been playing at Windows Casino since October 2007. She started her lucky day by making a deposit of C$500 on which she received a C$300 bonus from the casino. With an opening balance of C$800 she selected to play on Great Blue Slots placing C$12.50 bets which she later upped to C$25 per spin.

T.M. made most of her winnings from line wins from regular spins themselves as she won on almost each and every one of her spins. In total, she won C$15,593 from free spins and the remaining C$26,306 was derived from line wins. On several occasions, T.M. was lucky enough to hit single line wins of C$1,000 and over and at the end of the day she had generated over C$41,000 from C$800.

The other big winner P.P. is a regular at the online casino and makes the news regularly with his never ending win stories. This time the Greek player made several incredible hits both on single line wins and free spins. His biggest single line win amounted to a cool €10,640 while some of his free spins wins amounted to €15,900, €16,520 or €14,760. The cherry on top for P.P. came near the end of his gaming session when he hit a free spins win of €58,800.

Windows Casino congratulates the lucky winners and awaits many more.

Great Blue Slots pays out again at Windows Casino
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