The space odyssey – what can be more romantic and adventurous? You rush to the stretched universe in the Space Traveller slot machine with a blond boy-commander. You were dreaming about this voyage all your life! And now everything comes true at one moment. At last, you’ll see the Black Hole and the mysterious planets; you’ll fly with comets and meteors to the distant stars.

Your gaming hyperspace will occupy 5 reels and 20 paylines. The Elvis Presley Star, the Pointer Planet, the Black Hole, the Stylish Cruise Comet and the Home Planet are waiting for. All these are special game symbols. The Wild (Space Traveller) will increase your bet up to 10,000 times and replace the other symbols in the lucky chain. Of course, it isn’t about the Scatter and Free Spins.

After you’ll find yourself far from the Milky Way, you will meet strangers from other galaxies. There are billions of them in the universe.

The Black Hole is a Scatter symbol. It may launch 2 bonus games. If it’s drawn simultaneously on the 1st and the 5th reels anywhere and it has a green colour, get ready for communication. You’ll start negotiations with other planets’ residents. What is a basic idea of this game? To make a contact with distant planets pointing your antenna in any direction and using a radio signal. The friendly planet will meet you in a pleasant way and aliens will gift you with a prize. If you hear a loud shot, this planet isn’t glad to see you. So, choose another one. The game is supposed to finish, if you contacted with all the planets or if three of them replied with aggression.

If the purple Scatter is drawn on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th slot reels, you get an opportunity to come back home. First of all, select the direction of your way through the Black hole and then – the native planet in the space fog. If your guess is correct, you’ll get to the Home Planet and meet all your friends and relatives. But the most significant thing – you’ll get all your gains in your hands. If not, you will be taken to the strange “Party Planet”, where you will lose a part of the prize.

Fans of taking risks will be excited by the Risky Game option. Everything you need is to push the button, activate the game on the second screen, bet your previous winnings and divine the color of the proposed card. There is not a difficult choice because of the only two colours in the deck lying in front of you. You will double your gains in case of success or lose everything at once having been unlucky. Remember, you can continue risking after each efficient guess. Play with pleasure, but not overplay! You always have time to stop and think in order not to go with nothing.

So, take only positive emotions from your life, your adventures and gambling! And we wish you only success!

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