Sin City Casino gives you a great opportunity to try “Anaconda Eye” slot that brings you to the unbelievable Amazon world with its powerful rivers and waterfalls, mysterious estuaries and rainforests, picturesque flora and fauna. To speak about Amazon’s fauna, there is no person in the world, who hasn’t heard about its beautiful queen of danger and fear – the Anaconda. This strong and magnificent reptilian owns uncountable treasures, lost in Peru many centuries ago. Your mission to conquer them is dangerous enough, but it’s worth doing, because it will make you really rich and invincible. In order to get everything in full you will have to fight perfidious and cruel rainforest flora and fauna, explore secret caves, jump into waterfalls – but we assure you’ll get only great gains and positive emotions!

While your journey you’ll get through 25 paylines and 5 spinning reels that are created in the shape of rainforest tracks with a great variety of gaming symbols. Picking up the identical symbols on the paylines you’ll get money prizes that will immediately go to your game account. As soon as the desired combination of symbols appeared you may check its value with the help of the Info chart.

The gaming combinations may consist of 2 or 3 specific symbols. The most interesting and coveted of them are the symbols of Anaconda Eye (Wild symbol), River (Free Spins) and Cave Entrance (Bonus). The Wild can not only replace all the game symbols excluding Free Spins and Bonus, but also complete the winning combinations. Having drawn 3 or more symbols of River you receive a range of Free Spins with a multiplication hidden behind a school of piranhas coming to the surface of the screen. The quantity of fishes in the school is directly connected to the number of drawn River symbols.

In case you could get 3 or more Bonus symbols at the same time, you come to the secret cave and try your luck in front of 5 mysterious doors that may discover new ways to the ancient Incas’ temples. Every temple saves the artifact worshiped by prehistoric people. The great winnings are kept behind each artifact, so try your luck and win! You may think that the prize is too small for you and you’re able to win more – so take another chance. But be cautious! You can’t pick up all the prizes – only the last one is for you. And be attentive – don’t open the door that can lead you out and cancel the gains!

There are a lot of people, who would like to try their luck in the Anaconda Eye slot machine and double their gains. Especially for them there is a Risky Game here that you can play after each productive round. What is really necessary here? To play a guessing game – Red or Black – and to double your winnings! The rules are simple: bet your winnings, choose the color of the proposed card and win. If your choice is wrong, the previous gains will be killed and you’ll continue to play the main game with newer and bigger chances and opportunities!

You will certainly feel these adventures in the best way, successfully go through all the barriers and get the desired treasure of Anaconda Eye as many times as you run this slot.

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