Titan Casino, one of the biggest names in online gaming has just gotten even bigger with an all new First Deposit Bonus structure that can garner you up to €5,000 free on your first deposit.

Recognizing that the traditional Welcome Bonus structure can be both confusing and daunting to new players, with its many steps towards collecting the full amount, Titan Casino has simplified matters and now offers a clearly structured First Deposit Bonus that is incredibly simple to claim.

Basically, the more you deposit, the more extra money you get on your first deposit. The details are as follows:

Deposit €20-€29 > Receive a 50% bonus

Deposit €30-€199 > Receive a 100% bonus

Deposit €200-€999 > Receive a 125% up to €500 bonus

Deposit more than €1,000 > Receive an unprecedented 50% up to €5,000 bonus

Simplifying matters, the First Deposit Bonus money is automated, so that as soon as you make a deposit, your account is automatically credited with the full amount for which you are eligible, and you can start playing with all that extra money in hand.

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An Unprecedented €5,000 Free with Titan Casino’s New First Deposit Bonus
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