Casino Tropez - New payback bonus :: PLAY NOW!LONDON, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Ever wanted to start gambling at a new online casino, but worried about the potential risk involved?

Now Casino Tropez, one of the most established casinos online (est. 2001) has launched a unique Welcome Bonus Package that definitively lowers the risk of monetary loss when you get started playing in Real Money mode.

This new Welcome Package starts off with a true industry original – the Payback Bonus. The Payback Bonus consists of a first deposit match bonus of 100% up to $100 which, while generous, is fairly standard. The truly special part of the Payback Bonus is the 50% refund you can claim on all games played (and deposits made) on the same day as your first deposit, up to $1,000. This is great news for new players, who can now gamble worry-free as their risks are truly minimized right from the start.

The rest of the Welcome Package, which totals $3,000 in free money, is made up of two additional stages.

After the Payback Bonus comes an up to $200 second deposit bonus. More specifically, make a deposit and get a 50% bonus of up to $200 (how much bonus money you get in total, of course, depends on how much you deposit).

The last part of the $3,000 Welcome Package is the $2,700 Free Sunday Bonuses, which you can collect in increments of 100% up to $100 bonuses, for 27 Sundays in a row.

All in all, Casino Tropez offers a truly unique (and enticing) Welcome Package to all new players, which is sure to help you overcome any first-time jitters when you decide to switch to real money play.

With a Unique Payback Bonus, Casino Tropez’s New Welcome Package Minimizes Your Risks
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