Spain proved their superiority by devastating Italy in the EURO 2012 final last night, but there was some consolation at Titan Bet as refunds were given out to anyone who bet against the champions

Free Bonus at Titan BetLONDON, July 2nd 2012 – Despite Spain being fairly obvious contenders for the title, the folks at Titan Bet wanted to make things interesting and offered to refund losing bets made pre-tournament on their “Euro 2012 Winner” betting line. If you voted against Spain and didn’t bet through Titan Bet, you’ll probably be kicking yourself as you read this but it just goes to show that sports betting comes down to one thing: research. Know your stats and know where to place your bets.

Spain was hardly a sure thing of course. The young German squad was looking good, the Dutch team was a popular pick, and there was even some hope of an English ambush despite frail beginnings. There was talk of Portugal doing well too although despite having great individual players, not to mention Ronaldo, they never managed to consolidate their play into that of a unified team, something that Spain managed to do so well.

In the end, the Spanish did the remarkable and became the first team to ever defend the title successfully, and the fact that they’re already world champions makes their current superior status in the game unquestionable. Stepping up to the podium to take the trophy of the third major football competition in a row, Casillas seemed almost too comfortable!

So Titan Bet really came through for a lot of bettors who chose to bet against Spain, paying out what must be a formidable sum all in the name of good sports betting fun. But it wasn’t just the outright winner that Titan Bet refunded. Every game had a refund offer for first goalscorer and correct score, so there were plenty of opportunities to spread bets in a more open manner while being able to minimize risk.

Titan Bet paid out refunds for a number of games: the 1-1 draw of the tournament opener (Poland Vs. Greece); Rooney to score first labeled as “Rooney’s Return”; Ronaldo to score first (Portugal Vs. Czech Republic); and for a Bore Draw in the Portugal Vs. Spain semi-final. This ensured that every game had a nice little twist to it, and with Titan Bet having some of the best football odds around, it seemed like the place to be for what ended up being a fantastic tournament.

Overall it’s been a great year for football with a thrilling Champions League and one of the most dramatic Premier League finals ever. As for Titan Bet, they really came through with some very well-placed offers for this year’s Euro. Titan Bet also frequently runs betting promotions on a wide variety of sports so be sure to check them out.

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Spain keeps the trophy, Titan Bet keeps its promise
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