Art Bandits is the very slot for those, who adore sophisticated criminals, high-quality thefts, professional thieves and experienced detectives. Are you ready to come close with professional and famous criminal gang working in France? Are you ready to participate in the most high-profile case? If yes, the story of the great theft of Louvre Museum by the Oryx Gaming Company welcomes you! Skillful thieves: Raccoon, Mouse and Fox will huddle a job through for a secret customer, whose name is Koala. The gang is equipped with the brand-new weapons in order to act successfully in the mission of stealing the most unique and expensive pieces of art.

This venture takes place on the five-reel and fifteen paylines slot machine that gives you an opportunity to get enormous gains from different bets in each round. Your main goal is to complete the combinations of winning symbols in different lines in order to earn nice money. There is the INFO section created for you to get more information about your account.

There are a lot of useful symbols in the game – standard and unusual ones: various card values, the stolen masterpiece and the Louvre security, the customer and the thieves. There are, of course, such symbols as Wild (the thief’s gang), Scatter (the visiting card) and Bonus (the museum) among them. The Wild occupies three positions vertically and can replace all the symbols (except Scatter and Bonus) in order to enlarge the gaining combination. The Scatter, being drawn triply or more, heightens the overall bet in up to two hundred times. If you meet the Bonus symbol drawn 3 or more times, it means the chance to play the Theft game. So, it’s high time to hit the museum security, make the way to the room, where the three brilliant pictures are stored, and choose the only one that will gift you with numerous gains.

Moreover, it will award you with free spins (multiplier – 1) for your success. As far as you see the Stolen Painting been drawn, you’ll get increasing of the coefficient, and the overall gains will depend on the final factor that in its turn depends on your luck.

Fans of taking risks will be excited by the Risky Game option. Everything you need is to push the button, activate the game on the second screen, bet your previous winnings and divine the color of the proposed card. There is not a difficult choice because of the only two colours in the deck lying in front of you. You will double your gains in case of success or lose everything at once having been unlucky. Remember, you can continue risking after each efficient guess. Play with pleasure, but not overplay! You always have time to stop and think in order not to go with nothing.

So, take only positive emotions from your life, your adventures and gambling! And we wish you only success!

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FREE PLAY :: Art Bandits video slot (Oryx Gaming software)
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