CasinoClub :: The Casino Job slot game - PLAY NOW!
CasinoClub :: The Casino Job slot game
Join Greg, Bruce, Kat and Dan as you try to break into the vault of the G.G. Royal Casino. The main game features up to 15 paylines and a winning combination comprises 2-5 matching symbols along any active payline from left to right.

The newspaper symbol is wild and substitutes for any reel symbol in a winning combination, except the Free Spins, Quake, and Collect symbols. When a wild symbol appears on one or more reels, one of the wild symbols expands vertically to cover all three spaces on the reel.

Three or more Quake symbols triggers the special Quake feature after the main spin. Bruce the demolitions expert blasts away all the original symbols on the reels. The demolished symbols are then replaced by new symbols, giving you a better chance for more prize-winning combinations on a single spin.

A sequence of free spins is triggered by three or more Free Spins symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. Three symbols trigger 5-10 free spins, four trigger 10-20 free spins, and five trigger 20-30 free spins. The precise number of free spins awarded is revealed on Greg’s laptop after he hacks into the casino’s mainframe. The free spins themselves and the total amount won are also displayed on Greg’s computer. Please note that free spin sequences do not include wild symbols, Quake symbols, Free Spin symbols or Collect symbols.

The Break-in Bonus Round
To start the Bonus Break-in Round you need to collect three or four gadgets to help you break into the casino vault. When three or more Collect symbols appear, the toolbox opens to reveal one of the gadgets needed to break into the casino vault. You also have the option to begin the bonus round with only three gadgets: the blowtorch, the laptop, and the grappling hook gun. However, you enjoy an advantage if you collect the fourth and final gadget, the vault key! The diamond-studded vault key necklace belongs to Gloria Galore, the eccentric owner of the G.G. Royal Casino.

To steal the maximum bonus loot, your heist team must successfully circumvent four different obstacles using the collected gadgets. The more obstacles you beat, the more your bonus prize increases. The gadgets and challenges are:

  • Blowtorch: Select where Bruce should cut through the steel gate by selecting one of the five locations.
  • Laptop: Choose which of the five security cameras Greg should disable to render the others inoperable.
  • Grappling Hook Gun: Choose where to aim the grappling hook and anchor the rope for Kat to swing over the lasers.
  • Key Necklace: If you collected the key necklace, Dan easily unlocks the vault to reveal your total bonus prize, and you return to the main game. Without the key necklace, you must choose one of the five number combinations and try to open the locked door. If you choose incorrectly, the security alarm sounds and the game is up!

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CasinoClub :: NEW Slot game – The Casino Job
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