Enjoy mountain air? See if you can help little Günther climb up the mountain by playing your hands right in this funny video poker game.

Mountain Climber is a ‘Tens or Better’ type of game where you try to get a pair of tens or a better hand. It is played with a deck of 52 cards and has a refreshing bonus game.

The objective is to achieve the most optimal poker hand and to help Günther, the mountain climber, to climb to the top of the mountain. When you hit any of the winning hands, Günther climbs up one step. If you don’t hit a winning hand, he will fall down two steps.

The highest win in the main game is 10,000 euros and in the bonus game 12,800 euros.

PAF Casino :: Mountain Climber video poker - PLAY NOW!

Mountain Climber video poker :: Bonus Game
Your goal is to help Günther reach the other side of the stone bridge by playing poker. You will have 10 bonus rounds to try to play your way over the bridge. You can also choose to end the bonus game without playing all 10 rounds by clicking COLLECT to take your winnings. When you hit any of the winning hands, Günther walks up one step. If you don’t receive a winning hand, he will take two steps back. The win you receive is highlighted above Günther’s head.

Now you’re off to help little Günther in his adventure to conquer the mountain full of danger and pitfalls.

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PAF Casino :: Mountain Climber – NEW video poker game
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