ISLE OF MAN, 03 November 2011Microgaming, the world’s largest provider of online gaming software, announces the launch of Android Air, its latest industry leading mobile casino offering.

Android Air is an Adobe Air based application, available for use with tablets and smartphones running on Android. The platform comes with a starting game package of 8 leading Microgaming casino games, with plans to deliver at least 20 or more games between now and the end of the year.

Much like Microgaming’s market leading Viper casino software, new games will be automatically added via a process which is connection state aware, so players can choose to do these updates via WiFi rather than 3G.

Games are available via a slick, user friendly lobby, and fully revamped banking and registration modules are also available. The underlying architecture has also been updated and connection now links directly with the gaming server, allowing the utilisation of Microgaming’s comprehensive suite of acquisition and retention tools such as Bonus Balance, Player Grouping, Player Communication Manager and VPB an online Virtual Pitboss that allows instant trigger based messaging and promotions.

Neill Whyte, Head of Product Channels, Microgaming commented: “Mobile has been a key part of Microgaming’s strategy for the past few years and we already enjoy a strong market share with our existing suite of products. The explosion of mobile gaming over the last 12 months, driven largely by the increased adoption of smartphones in developing countries, represents a huge opportunity for providers.

“We feel our revolutionary new product will have a huge impact on the mobile market and gaming industry as a whole. Microgaming has the strongest portfolio of gaming assets in the industry, which we can leverage to fully exploit the opportunity that the rapid growth in Android based smartphones represents.”

Microgaming Launch Android Air Mobile Platform

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