Maple Casino :: Canadian online casino - PLAY NOW!TA XBIEX, MALTA, July 11, 2012Maple Casino has released an enlightening ebook on how to play Roulette to benefit casino enthusiasts who aren’t well versed in the game. The ebook, cleverly titled Roulette for the Under-Initiated and Overwhelmed, will be of use to both absolute beginners and skilled players, as it covers the basics as well as complex bets and strategies.

The user-friendly layout of the ebook will come as a pleasant surprise to those used to overly complicated instructional texts on gambling. With helpful illustrations, side notes and references all in a clear and concise voice, the reader can easily keep up with this text. The authors assume no knowledge of Roulette on the part of the reader, but soon progress to the more intriguing side of this glamorous game, including history and trivia which will enlighten even the most seasoned Roulette player.

If you want to delve deeper into the game and learn more about Roulette’s roots, there’s a highly informative section that will tell you everything you want to know – you could become a real Roulette boffin in no time.

Charlotte Jackson+, Brand Ambassador for Maple Casino, commented: “Maple Casino has a wide selection of ebooks for players, and this new release it just another useful guide to add to the long list. We believe at Maple Casino that our players not only deserve the best, but we’d like them to be the best. A good gaming experience involves a good game knowledge. Our ebooks offer strategies, stats and tips for effective and successful online gambling, to turn you from novice to pro.”

Don’t forget to check out the ebook’s convenient side bars for betting tips, rules, strategies and other up-to-date references that will all provide useful insight into the various components of Roulette. Once you’ve explored the ebook and have familiarized yourself with straightforward strategies and rules of play, you can play online Roulette for free at Maple Casino’s website.

Maple Casino offers the best in Canadian online gambling. With its huge range of games, secure banking features and a friendly Support Centre available 24/7, players can enjoy state of the art gaming in the comfort of their own homes. Don’t forget to check out Maple Casinos’ exciting bonus options available to new and returning players.

Maple Casino Releases Free Roulette eBook