PARTY CASINO :: Loot’EnKhamun slot game - PLAY NOW!
PARTY CASINO :: Loot’EnKhamun slot game - PLAY NOW!
With $7 million and counting, the Loot’EnKhamun jackpot is now the largest BigOne Jackpot in Party Casino’s history. This could be your chance to rack up some big wins and reap millions!

This Egyptian-themed, five-reel, no payline slot offers a paranormal journey to ancient times and countless opportunities to make big cash. With 243 possible ways to win in the main game, 1024 ways to win in free spins and stunning graphics – this slot machine is a truly exotic find.

The Loot’EnKhamun slot machine features five jackpots in total – the Blitz Cash, the Quick Cash, the Super Cash, the Mega Cash and the Colossal Cash. In order to win them all, you need to place the maximum bet. Then, spin the reels and if you get five of the featured wild symbols, you’ll be well on your way to living the life of luxury that you have always dreamed of!

And that’s not all! Every time you spin the reels, you will be contributing to the jackpot. So, even if you don’t win on a spin, there is always the chance you will win back ALL your money if you hit the BigOne jackpot! But think fast, because this massive jackpot is about to explode at any moment and if you don’t hurry, someone might beat you to it. So, visit Party Casino now and try your hand at the Loot’EnKhamun slot machine to see if yours is that perfect lucky spin that will crack this massive jackpot!

The biggest jackpot in Party Casino’s history is about to explode
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