Beach Bums

Slap on the sunscreen and make waves with Beach Bums. This Scratch Card has babes and bros basking their bodacious bods in the blazing beams of the sun.

Coin sizes and possible wins vary. The maximum win on this card is as large as $5,000.

Splash your way into this new scratch card, filled with icons that are nostalgic with the easy, summer days. Icons include sandals, shovel & pail, beach balls, starfish, coconut drinks, and conch shells.

Cast for Cash

Row out your boat and enjoy a peaceful afternoon on the lake. Cash your line out and see what you reel in. Will you pull in the prize catch, or will you be telling everyone about the one that got away?

Coin sizes and possible wins vary in this fishing frenzy, allowing players to bank as much as they like on the big catch! Pending on how big you bank, the maximum win on this card is as large as $5,000.

Bait your hook and cast away to reel in the star icons of this Scratch Card, including goldfish, frogs, catfish, purple and blue fish, and a large mouth bass!

Pirate’s Pillage

Avast ye matey! There is loot and plunder aplenty in Pirate’s Pillage!

Coin sizes and possible wins vary in this Scratch Card. The maximum win is as large as $5,000.

Arr, you’ll be scratchin’ to win with rum bottles, spy glasses, compasses, coins, chalices, and golden bars. Try Pirate’s Pillage or walk the plank!

Superior Casino :: 3 NEW Scratch Cards – Beach Bums, Cast for Cash, Pirate’s Pillage

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