Game name: Opera Night
Launch date: 31/01/11

Rival Gaming  is proud to announce the future launch of Opera Night, a 20-line, 5 reel slot.

You don’t need to be a Maestro for this, Opera Night brings the elegant experience of going to the Opera House to your computer. This lavish slot features classic figures from several well known Operas as well as a Conductor, a Tenor, and a pair of powdered wig wearing patrons.

The Masked Man character disappears when forming a row, making room for new icons to drop in and allowing for multiple wins in one spin.

The Bonus round isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Hit 3 or more of the Fat Lady icons and our Opera Diva takes the stage to demonstrate her vocal prowess by shattering a set of glasses. Use the power gauge to determine the pitch, hit the right note, and watch all the glasses burst.

Technical Description

NOTE: Dollar sign ($) is used in this document for illustration purposes only. Actual game is available in all supported currencies.

Available coin sizes 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 (configurable)
Coins per line From 1 to 10 coins wagered per line
Number of lines From 1 to 20 lines
Default wager configuration 0.01 coin, 10 coins per line, 20 lines
Default bet size Total default bet: $2.00
Maximum jackpot (per line) 0.25 * 2000 * 10 coins = $5,000.00 (Normal play)

0.25 * 2000 * 10 coins * 3X = $15,000.00 (During free spins)

Maximum bonus round win 0.25 * 10 coins * 20 lines * 110 = $5,500.00 (Normal play)

0.25 * 10 coins * 20 lines * 110 * 3X = $16,500.00 (Free spins)

Special features A certain icon ‘drops’ when forming a line and allows new ones to fall into place to form extra wins

Bonus Round

Scatter-based free spins

Wild symbol, which can be used in a line of dropped icons

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Opera Night :: NEW Rival Gaming slot game
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