Everyone of us remembers the show of tough fights without rules, called Wrestling, where hefty fighters dressed in special stylized costumes and also masks were staging battles in the ring, not following any rules and desiring to become winners and, of course, to get the top prize. Therefore, Lucha Extreme slot machine is for thrill seekers. This game gives an opportunity to take part in an amazing staging action. It combines athletic skills, acting skills and martial art. In the ring up to the Lucha Extreme slot machine there are only two wrestlers. This wrestling has the elements of Greco-Roman wrestling, throws, power moves and acrobatic maneuvers. Here is also available such helper objects as sticks, chairs and stairs.

But everything is strictly by the script and that is the only condition.
But with Lucha Extreme slot machine it’s not the same, because here you will fight with one of the Diablo and Phantasmo men. And only up to your tactics will depend on the battle results! Thus five reels and twenty pay lines will be the very place, where battle events will give you profits and fame. On this stage you will have an opportunity to collect winning combinations and increase money amount! As for INFO table, it will tell you about all sort of possible earnings and show special symbols of game.

There exist two symbols called Wild in this slot, which are the miracle Phantasmo and Diablo. The fact is that they are drawn three together simultaneously. They can replace any game symbol except the Scatter symbol. In a case two conjugate symbols are drawn on the second and fourth reels, it means it is a high time for fighters to have a battle. You will have to have a battle and to fight face to face with one of these fighters. There are actions you can choose each time as kick, toss or jump and who knows which of them will be the answer to you from your opponent? According to this choice depends the end of the match and, of course, your winnings sizes.

The Champion Belt is the symbol called Scatter. But also in addition to this function, it is a part of the free spins activator. So, the Lucha de Apuesta begins in a case the symbol Champion’s Belt is drawn in any place on the third reel and simultaneously the Komodin symbol appears on the first and also fifths reels up to the second position.

On this stage the thing is that you have to battle with the opponent and understand what you are fighting for. Therefore, you can battle for the title, the mask and the hair (5 free spins).

There is an opportunity to increase all winnings by Risk game clicking. In a case you guess the colour of the card, there will be doubled prize, but if you don’t manage to guess it all of it will go into savings fund. So, it is for the most unruly players. The AUTOPLAY will be able to give you an opportunity to rest if you are tired a bit.

Begin to play this Lucha Extreme slot and enjoy victory! See you around!

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