Red Corrida is a slot machine designed in the spirit of Spanish bullfighting. It was a popular entertainment for people, who couldn’t imagine their lives without deathly rituals, black bulls, bullfighters and angry crowds. The Oryx Gaming Company chose a torrero and a powerful animal as an idea for a brand-new slot, which story can’t be ignored by many gamblers and corrida fans. The torrero risks with his life in order to entertain people, who are waiting for the outcome of the fight. But it’s always unexpected, because even a second can decide everything! Make the crowd to feel satisfied and earn your own gains with the help of this slot machine.

There are some main characters in this slot – fearless matador Juan, his beauty Anna Maria and their furious enemy bull Ferdinand. In addition to playing cards values, they are the gaming symbols. They will form different winning combinations on 25 paylines and 5 spinning reels. The amount of winnings for them you can find as well as other details in the Info table.

The special symbols of the slot will create your fortune. There are Scatter (Anna Maria), Wild (Bullfight Announcement), Bonus (Arena) and other symbols. Anna Maria is very generous, the more pictures of this young lady you have, the more spins you get. These spins are free, but not blank. They will double your bets. The Rage Mode starts, when Juan and Ferdinand appear on the arena again. The payouts increase enormously. To talk about a Wild symbol, it brings you a chance to increase your gains more and more, because it replaces other symbols (except Bonus and Scatter) appearing on the second, third and fourth reels. The Bonus symbol launches the bonus game. For this to be realized you need to meet 3 of these symbols at the same time. In other case, the game won’t be available. In the bonus game, you choose, whom to support – the torrero or the bull. The fight between them will decide the outcome of your betting. Anna Maria will leave the arena only with the winner.

The Risky Game is also a part of the corrida. You have an opportunity to tickle your rusty nerves and play a game at risk. Push the appropriate button and you’ll see an additional screen for this game. The deck of playing cards is lying in front of you. What can it mean?! Play a guessing game with red and black suits. If you’re a lucky guy, you’ll get double gains. If not – so, you will be left with nothing. Let it go hang!

We did everything possible and impossible to create such a vivid slot. Now it’s your turn to try it. Don’t be afraid, you won’t be hurt in this bullfight. You’ll finish as a champion! We wish you successful corrida and great gains!

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