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Gambling School :: Lesson 9

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Lesson 9

Craps: 3

Start on the Pass Line

A good beginner strategy is to start with a minimum pass line bet, backed by single odds.

If the bets win, place a new pass line bet with double odds. Keep the amount of your original pass line bet (flat bet) the same, but increase the odds bet.

If those bets win, go for triple odds.

Don't increase your minimum flat bet on the pass line until you are winning. Then only increase it by 50% of your previous wager. If you lose, go back to the minimum flat bet.

Add a Come Bet

When you are comfortable playing the pass line, you can add a minimum come bet with single odds. If you win, double and then triple your come odds.

Don't increase your minimum come bet (flat bet) until you are winning. Then only increase it by 50% of your previous wager. If you lose, go back to the minimum bet.

Don't Pass Line and Don't Come Bets

When you have gained experience by placing pass line and come bets, you can try don't pass line and don't come bets with odds.

Use the same betting strategy: wager the minimum bet with steadily increasing odds. After a win, you can increase your next flat bet by 50%. After a loss, you can wager a minimum flat bet.

Taking Odds vs. Laying Odds

You "take" odds on a pass line or come bet, but "lay" odds on a don't pass line or don't come bet. Laying odds on don't bets means that you have to wager more to win less since don't betters have an advantage once the point has been established.

Place Win on 6 or 8

Although the house advantage is relatively low on this bet, you should really only consider it when you are winning your pass line (or don't pass line) and come (or don't come) bets with odds, and the number 6 or 8 is not already covered by your bets.

Good Luck!




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