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Super Nudge 6000 slot game

Super Nudge 6000 from NetEnt is a cool, easy going and really good looking video slot. It is a real casino classic! With its aesthetically pleasing retro feel brings you back to the American 1950s. Super Nudge 6000 brings you to your regular lunch inn where everybody knows your name.

You can almost hear the laughing teenagers burning tires in the parking and messing about by the jukebox. You hear your favorite radio hit and you start to tap your feet… As you order the daily special from the waitress that smiles at you in her blue tight little uniform, you know that today is the day. You are really feeling lucky today!

Super Nudge 6000 stands out from the crowd of slots, with its easy going appeal. This slot has 3 reels, 3 rows and 1-5 bet lines, which is a bit unusual these days when the video slots are getting more and more complex. Super Nudge has a relaxing feel, it has a good pace and you don’t have to rush anywhere. You can even choose your own pace. If you want to give yourself a boost or maybe you are in a up beat mode today, then you can always make the reels spin faster!

There are some nice surprises too. The Mystery Coin Win feature can come and surprise you at any time, so don’t get to relaxed! As you get into the game you will also discover the great animations and graphical features, as always when it comes to Netent.

As the name gives you a wink about, this game has nudges. This means that in the Supermeter mode, the reels actually move themselves in order to help you get the best win combinations and maximize your gaming experience. The frequency of nudges is determined by how much you bet in the Supermeter system. If the bet is 20 coins, you will get 1 nudge, if you bet 40 coins you will get 2 nudges, if you go for the maximum bet of 60 coins you will get 3 nudges! So even if you get to the point of thinking that the game is lost a total turn around is actually possible. So don’t loose your spirit!

Down in the right corner you will choose the value of the coins you are playing with. The choice presented to you are: €0,10, €0,2 and €1. If you choose the highest value of €1 and activate all 5 bet lines, you will reach the maximum bet of €10 per spin in the main game.

You can win up to €6 000 on one game and the return to the player is over 97%, so the chances of winning are really good even though the emphasis of the game is to play for fun. The maximum win in Super Nudge 6000 is actually 11960 coins, so you don’t have to stop at 6000!

Get yourself playing the casino classic Super Nudge 6000 video slot and have fun with it! It can be your future favorite game… Good luck!

Play Super Nudge 6000 at Vera & John Casino! (Launch date May 9th)


Vera & John Casino :: Super Nudge 6000 slot game

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