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Poker for Dummies 
A great primer for beginning to intermediate players.

Poker for Dummies A guide to Win Pai Gow Poker
Another book of interest to Pai Gow Poker players.
A guide to Win Pai Gow Poker

Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker 
A must read for the serious poker player.

Winning Poker Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players 
Winning strategies for 7 card stud.
Seven Card Stud Poker

Winning Low Limit Hold'em 
Learn how to play and win the most popular casino poker game.

Hold'em Poker Hi-Lo Split Poker:7 Card Stud, Omaha Hold'em 
Hi-Low games offer large pots; learn how to win them!
Omaha Poker
Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride Poker
Popular 200 page book that covers many aspects of these two games.
Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride Poker Basics of Winning Caribbean Stud and Let it Ride Poker
A low priced guide to these two casino games.
Basics of Winning Caribbean Stud and Let it Ride Poker
Bold Card Play
Great book for learning how to play Let It Ride, Caribbean and Three Card Poker.
Bold Card Play Theory of Poker 
Maybe the most important book ever written on poker.
Theory of Poker


Playing Blackjack As a Business
A great book that starts off with the basics and teaches you several forms of card counting.  Very well written. Highly recommended

Blackjack as a Business

Best Blackjack
Entertaining and informative. Learn card counting techniques and gain an insight onto this game. 285 Pages
Best Blackjack
Basic Blackjack
Over 250 pages, this book is a great primer for anyone who wants to really learn how to play this game.

Basic Blackjack

Professional Blackjack
Informative but not a book for beginners.  Gives detailed information on several counting systems.
Professional Blackjack


Spin Roulette Gold 
Best-selling book for anyone who wants to learn more about beating the casino at this game.

Spin Roulette Gold

Secrets of Winning Roulette 
Learn more in this great fact filled book.
Secrets of Winning Roulette
All About Roulette 
A fact filled inexpensive book that provides a wealth of information.
All About Roulette John Patrick's Roulette 
Good book for money management.
John Patrick's Roulette


Baccarat Battle Book 
Considered by many to be the best book about the game.
Baccarat Battle Book Baccarat for the Clueless 
Very informative. A great primer for the game.
Baccarat for the Clueless
Lyle Stuart on Baccarat 
Baccarat master Lyle Stuart explains how he was able to win $250,000 playing Baccarat in Atlantic City
Lyle Stuart on Baccarat Winning Baccarat- Effective Counting in Baccarat   
Learn how to count cards in Baccarat! Detailed information on the subject.
Winning Baccarat Strategies


Beat the Craps out of the Casino
Frank Scoblete's excellent introduction to the game.
Beat the Craps out of the Casinos Craps Made Simple
Short but very informative primer on the game of craps.
Craps Made Simple
Craps, Take the Money and Run
Henry Tamburin gives you the basics on winning this game.
Craps take the Money and Run Craps- Rolling to Win 
VIDEOTAPE- A picture is worth a thousand words, follow along with this simple and informative video.
Craps Roll to Win


The Basics of Winning Keno Basics of Winning Keno Casino Keno Casino Keno


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